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How to contribute

Where we need help

We have a ton of issues on GitHub specifically labeled for contributors. Right now we could use support localizing the methods, testing out the methods, and reporting outright bugs.

How to contribute

If you want to contribute and help us out with the above, please either create an issue or a pull request.

Create an issue

See something you think needs to be added, but you don’t have time to do it yourself? See a typo, mistake, etc. and you don’t want to do a fork and fix it and then do a PR back to our repo? Just plain intimidated by GitHub? We get it. You can still let us know what’s going on or let us know of your interest in helping us out by creating an issue.

To create an issue on GitHub, go to the Open Design Kit repository page and click on “Issues” on the top tabs. From there click the “New Issue” green button on the upper right. You’ll need to be a GitHub user with an account to do this, so if you don’t have an account go ahead and create one!

a view of the Open Design Kit repository, point out the issues tab
The main page for the Open Design Kit repository, the “Issues” tab is second from left.

From there click the “New Issue” green button on the upper right.

GitHub issue list
The issue page for Open Design Kit, click the green button to start an issue.

First, give your issue a title. This should briefly but clearly identify the content, because that’s what will show up in the list of issues. Then you’ll want to tell us what’s going on. Do you want to write a method? Cool, let us know which one and what works best for you to write it, such as a Google Doc, a gist, or maybe you use something else you can share? One note: if you are familiar with markdown it’s helpful to write methods in that since we are using that as our base for the content of the site.

GitHub issue interface
The issue interface on GitHub, it's helpful to write a title that easily identifies the subject matter since it shows up on the main issues list.

You can also fill out an issue for other things you see that can be improved or need fixing, such as expanding to or adding to an existing method, typos somewhere on the site, or ideas for new parts of the kit.

Once you’ve filled out all the information you think we need, hit the Submit New Issue button and we’ll get back to you!

Do a Pull Request

If you are familiar with Git and GitHub or if you want to get more familiar, you may be up for trying the pull request process. This is a great approach if you want to add, expand or localize content for a method (localization is an especially huge job so if you speak another language, we need your help!).

If you’re just getting started, here are some great articles to get you more comfortable and familiar with Git and GitHub:

For Open Design Kit, we recommend following the outline of the article Contributing to Open Source on GitHub. If you aren’t a maintainer or collaborator on Open Design Kit, you’ll want to fork the repo, do your work, and then do a pull request to let us know what you’ve done. We can then have a discussion, if necessary, and merge in the work once it’s ready.

If you still don’t feel comfortable working with the actual code and using Git and GitHub, don’t worry, just open an issue as outlined above and we’ll figure out how to get your ideas into the kit.