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Bocoup’s design team maintains Open Design Kit as an open source tool. It’s designed for collaborators who are not co-located, with a variety of skill levels. The Kit includes activities from ideation to implementation and is meant to evolve with use. To share your feedback, open an issue or pull request on our GitHub repository.

Each method of the kit is designed with distributed teams in mind. We did this because we believe that diverse products require diverse teams. To make a diverse team, you can’t rely on having that collaborator in the same room as you – let alone neighborhood or country! The methods here leverage digital tools such as chat, note-taking documents and screen sharing software to take advantage of the connected world that we live in.

We believe that the world needs this design kit to:

  • establish what it means to design in the open, with practical methods designed for distributed collaborators.
  • provide a framework for design thinking and conversations within open source development.
  • share open educational resources to support design literacy.

This exploration was inspired by many individuals and organizations. A few projects that do a great job at identifying design tools and practices are Ideo’s HCD Design Kit, 18F’s Methods, and Design Principles. The goal of this kit is not to replace these resources, but to complement them with a focus on doing design remotely.