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Visual Design Workshop make

Collaborate with key stakeholders to define an approach to visual design.

Why do it:

Prior to working on the visual design for a product, project or website, you often need the entire product team and stakeholders to agree upon a common terminology for the look and feel of things. The workshop provides a space for everyone to explore what a successful and effective design might be. This is also a great opportunity to decide what just feels right for this specific design opportunity.

When to do it:

The workshop is most effective when done as a kickoff to the visual design phase(s) of a project. This can happen well before the UX direction of the project is defined and/or the design of wireframes is finalized. Because not co-located meetings can be extremely draining, consider breaking this workshop into a few sessions - with each session no longer than 90 minutes. The scheduling will depend on the stakeholders, the availability, the timeline, etc.

Who’s involved:

Designers and stakeholders.

Time estimate:

Large (8+ hours); this is often broken down over a few days.

One way to do it:

  1. Human Spectrogram spectrogram
  2. Experience Attributes describe experience attributes
  3. Affinity Diagram cluster attributes
  4. Moodboards Mood boards
  5. Feedback Session agenda
  6. Style Tiles styletiles